Saturday, 30 November 2013

EDC MOOC assignment - the end of things #edcmooc

This is my final post and final assignment for EDC MOOC. The final visual product is here, the title is

5 Rules for being human in a MOOC

If you haven't just clicked on the Prezi above then you may want to read this explanation. The idea and text for the assignment is based on this blog, if you want to you can read past posts, but it isn't essential.

The images were created with Fresh Paint using a touch screen, in other words finger painting with computers. Why, well it was fun, it created images that were copyright free and that were relevant to the topic in hand. If you like the images see also the Flikr stream for this project here.

Composing the project
The project uses multimedia. Sound, spoken word and music of a sort, text and images. All were generated using a computer in the spirit of EDC MOOC. Its important to understand that the piece is not anti technology, machines could meet some or all of these criteria, it is about preserving human qualities in interacting through the MOOC. The voices are different because I wanted to reflect the randomness of the sound quality of computer speech. I think I achieved the same effect by just choosing different personalties from the computer programme.

Composed by me, rudimentary but of course computer generated and copyright free.

Technology used:

I get by with a little help from my friends
A screenshot of the help I received through the #EDC MOOC Facebook Group ... thank you friends ...

Thank you


  1. Great artifact Mat blending message, music and art.

    2 points of information. I am on an iPad and first had to load the Prezi app then it took 3 tries before it stopped freezing the computer. When finally on site, everything worked well to reflect your fine creation. Best to your work. Elin In MOOC course. Sorry the only way i can communicate is through my blog. .. No relationship to the course except on a human subject.

  2. Hi Elin, thank you for your kind comment. I do hope you get to review some more Prezi presentations to make your effort in downloading the App worthwhile. BW Matt

  3. Hi Matt,
    want to tell you that I embedded your prezi in this post
    I really like it and so does the first comment writer, so you have nothing against this? Just enjoy please
    Heli Nurmi

  4. Hi Heli, please go ahead. I am very happy that you find it useful. Best Wishes, Matt

  5. Thanks,
    I am sure your presentation will be praised, it has begun already.. You have written something very important in a compact packet
    -( I hope you can follow my English)

  6. Thanks,I do hope you get to review some more Prezi presentations to make your effort in downloading the App worthwhile. BW Matt gums receding
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